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Best Eye Doctor Vegas

Contact lens versus eyeglass prescriptions in Vegas

Best eye doctor Vegas

Best eye doctor Vegas

Do you have questions about contact lenses versus eyeglass prescriptions and which might work better for you? Are you a new member of the Los Vegas area or simply seeking to connect with the best eye doctor Vegas to help walk you through what personalized treatment path is right for you and why? Your search for excellent optical guidance is over! Call Dr. Michael Vathenasaynee, O.D. today to learn what exemplary eye care truly feels like. At our office, you’ll be treated like part of the family!

At the practice of Dr. Michael Vathanasaynee, O.D., we understand how much careful, accurate, and clear patient education can factor into a client’s lifelong vision. That’s why we always make sure to learn about our patients’ particular conditions and lifestyle during preliminary appointments and, in turn, offer as much helpful information about eye care as possible. That way, our patients can arm themselves with knowledge and know-how, improving their ability to participate in good preventative practices that will protect the quality of their vision for the many years to come. Do you suffer from blurry or otherwise imperfect vision and hope to discuss your treatment with the best eye doctor Vegas? Don’t hesitate; book an appointment with our esteemed specialists today! We can perform a whole slough of comprehensive eye examinations that will help us to diagnose your condition and offer appropriate prescriptions accordingly. Whether or not you want prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses is a question both of your particular condition and personal taste. The two treatment paths require different exams as contact lenses must be fitted over the actual eyeball.

Worried your eyeball irregularities might make it impossible to have contacts? Chances are, advances in optical technology will make it possible to find the right contacts for you, or any other hard-to-fit patient. That said, there’s only one way to find out what the best optical treatment option is for you; come on down to the practice of Michael Vathanasaynee, O.D. and ask the best eye doctor Vegas yourself!

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Lake Mead Optometrist

Vision Exam Lake Mead

Lake Mead optometristWhile it is fairly common for people who have noticed they are having trouble reading small print or distinguishing objects at a distance to schedule a vision exam, Michael Vathanasaynee, OD, your Lake Mead optometrist encourages everyone to have regular vision testing. Having symptoms such as double vision, feeling pressure or eye strain, difficulty seeing while driving at night, headaches and blurriness are additional reasons to set up a comprehensive eye examination as soon as possible. Since many eye diseases and disorders do not present any immediately obvious symptoms, yet can steal your vision if left untreated, we recommend maintaining regular vision and eye screening appointments to ensure your sight and over all healthy eyes are protected.

Your vision exam should consist of multiple aspects that will help your optometrist fully and accurately determine your visual acuity. Different aspects of your vision test will identify strengths or weaknesses at various distances. We will utilize a variety of techniques as well as sophisticated equipment to make our final conclusion. In the case that Michael Vathanasaynee, OD, your Lake Mead optometrist, does discover the need for vision correction via contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses following a thorough vision test, we will provide you with detailed information regarding your condition and recommended course of treatment. At our practice, we encourage patients to ask as many questions as they need to understand their diagnosis and options. Your vision exam will likely include a physical examination of the eye to detect the presence of any abnormalities that can also impact your sight.

If you are unsure of when your last vision test was or if you know it has been more than one year, we recommend making an appointment with Michael Vathanasaynee, OD, your Lake Mead optometrist, for a thorough examination. Our proficient and personable team of professionals will be happy to schedule your office visit as well as answer any questions you may have about our practice including accepted insurance providers and additional eye care services we offer. We look forward to meeting you and the members of your family for all of your vision related needs from exams to correction lenses or eyeglasses.

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