Las Vegas eye test

Las Vegas Eye Test

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Importance of a yearly eye examination in Las Vegas

It may not be something that is foremost in your mind, but a yearly eye examination is important; just as much so as a yearly physical or a dental checkup. If you value your vision and your eye health, our Michael Vathanasaynee, OD, is here to help.

If you don’t currently wear glasses or contacts, the might be the perfect time to start, especially if you find yourself squinting or struggling to see, or you have headaches due to eyestrain. But even if your vision is okay, our Las Vegas eye test can lead to you enjoying much sharper and clearer vision. Do you have existing corrective eyewear? Well bring it in with you, and let’s find out if you need an update to the prescription. Again, the goal of our Las Vegas eye test is to provide you with the highest level of vision that you can achieve. There’s more to your visit, however. Another crucial reason to have a yearly eye examination is to allow for screening related to common eye diseases, among which are glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. You can’t simply wait until symptoms appear and then seek treatment. There are no obvious signs of these conditions until they become advanced. You should most certainly not risk damage to your eyes or vision loss, both of which might be irreversible. The truth is that with timely diagnosis and eye care, the best outcomes can be affected. These eye diseases are not curable, but are most certainly manageable, and their progression can be slowed or even stopped.

We know that your eyes and your vision are precious to you, so why not reach out to our office right now and let us book an appointment for you to have Our Las Vegas eye test? Our optometrist and our entire staff look forward to serving you.

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