Eye surgery appointment North Las Vegas

Eye Surgery Appointment North Las Vegas

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Eye surgery co-management in North Las Vegas

Eye surgery appointment North Las Vegas
Eye surgery appointment North Las Vegas

Laser eye surgery is an outstanding way to improve your vision for the long term, and LASIK is the method that many people take advantage of to get those benefits. Find out if you’re a good candidate for it, and get all your questions answered here at the office of Michael Vathanasaynee, O.D. with co-management services. Our eye surgery appointment North Las Vegas is a valuable service so that you can take your time and make a fully informed judgment before deciding on surgery.

The way that LASIK corrects your vision is by reshaping your cornea. It’s a misshapen cornea that causes nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. And when you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, they change the angle that light travels through your cornea and to your retina. The premise behind LASIK is to make that unnecessary, or at the very least much less necessary. Upon successful completion of the procedure, which occurs 90% or more of the time, you will need to rely on prescription eyewear far less, or you may be able to discard them completely. Our eye surgery appointment North Las Vegas is a chance for you to be examined and evaluated for your suitability to have LASIK done. It makes perfect sense to be certain before moving ahead with any surgery, even one as safe and effective as this one. Unlike traditional surgery, there are no stitches and no bandages needed with it. You will have your eyes numbed with anesthetic eye drops first so there will be minimal discomfort. It only takes a few minutes per eye to do LASIK. You should notice the improvement to your vision within a day or even sooner. And LASIK can be adjusted, even years later, to account for changes to your vision needs.

Contact our office and schedule our eye surgery appointment North Las Vegas to take the vital first step toward better vision.

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