Dry eye treatment North Las Vegas

Dry Eye Treatment North Las Vegas

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Dry Eyes in North Las Vegas

Dry eye treatment North Las Vegas
Dry eye treatment North Las Vegas

Peering through a teary-eyed view of the world can be a major nuisance. And it only gets worse during moisture-sucking-weather. Sounds like you’ll need to find a way to take control of the situation. That’s where we can help you. Visit Michael Vathanasaynee and meet with us for first-rate dry eye treatment in North Las Vegas.

It might’ve crossed your mind… The million-dollar question, “ Why do my eyes dry so quickly?” And you’d be right to wonder, especially if finding the answer sets you off on a path toward taking control of this annoying condition. A deficiency of tears is a byproduct of dry eyes. The smoothness and moisture in the eyes is maintained by healthy tear production. Some of the most common factors that contribute to reduced tear production are: tear gland damage, aging, laser eye surgery, medical conditions (lupus, diabetes, scleroderma, thyroid disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and vitamin A deficiency), certain medications (antihistamines, antidepressants, decongestants, drugs for high blood pressure, and hormone replacement therapy), and more. Tear evaporation is another common contributor to the dry eye life. Any of the following can evaporate tears: smoke, wind, dry air, intermittent blinking, and eyelid problems. Don’t opt to power through this nagging condition unnecessarily, it’s best that you do something about it as soon as possible. While it doesn’t pose a serious risk to the eye, it’s important to take care of this to improve your overall quality of life. Visit Michael Vathanasaynee as soon as possible for dry eye treatment in North Las Vegas.

That’s all there is to it. Sound good to you? Our patients certainly think so—and you will, too. So get yourself setup with an appointment by calling or e-mailing Michael Vathanasaynee. After that? You’ll only be a hop and a skip away from getting dry eye treatment in North Las Vegas.

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