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Glasses or contacts are often prescribed to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness or an astigmatism. But as we get older we may find that after years of seeing a certain way, our eyes are still developing and changing. If you’ve always been nearsighted, you may find yourself having trouble reading or seeing things up close, and perhaps you’ve even purchased a pair of reading glasses in addition to the ones you normally use. This condition often happens in older adults and is known as presbyopia. Dr. Michael Vathanasaynee, OD here at our Lake Mead eyeglass store can assess whether progressive lenses might work for you and your developing visual needs.

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Reading Glasses 89015

It’s very common for people over the age of 40 to begin experiencing difficulty seeing things up close. Traditionally, bifocals are prescribed and used to treat patients suffering from presbyopia but the disparity between lens magnifications can be jarring and just as inconvenient and hard to adjust to as switching between two separate pairs of glasses. After assessing the nature of your visual acuity and your visual needs, Dr. Michael Vathanasaynee, OD here at our Lake Mead eyeglass store can prescribe you with progressive lenses. Progressive lenses provide a more seamless progression between magnifications, significantly lessening the disparity in vision. Now you can look up from your book to the clock on the wall across the room without allowing time for your eyes to adjust. Unlike bifocals which feature two distinct distance magnifications in one lens separated by an often visible line, progressives provide a more gradual change in lens strength, putting much less strain on your eyes.

After a visit at our Lake Mead eyeglass store, you’ll be able to see like you never have before. Dr. Michael Vathanasaynee, OD can assess just what type of progressive lens is right for you and prescribe the perfect design that will fit your daily needs. Being able to see at all levels and distances makes transitioning so comfortable that you won’t even notice the difference. Progressive lenses are easier on the eye, and there are different designs that adhere to the activities you normally perform in your usual day-to-day routine. Unlike bifocals, progressives will not age your appearance and will keep your style just as seamless and suitable as your vision.

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