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Are your standard eyeglass lenses simply failing to meet your unique needs? Do you live a fast paced life that calls for something more than your regular eyeglass lenses to keep up with you? The performance and effective of your eyeglasses comes down to much more than your optical prescription. The material of your lenses themselves make a whole world of difference, allowing you to see better and play harder than ever before. To find out how the latest advances in lenses can work for your, simply visit the experts at your local Lake Mead eyeglass store of Michael Vathanasaynee OD for high index and polycarbonate lenses that can help you live your life to the fullest.

Polycarbonate Eyeglass Lenses Lake Mead

Polycarbonate Eyeglass Lenses Lake Mead

If you have a severe case of myopia or astigmatism, you can often find a great deal of difficulty in finding a pair of frames that will allow for your thick lenses to be fitted properly. Not only do standard lenses for severe cases of nearsightedness weigh more, they also often leave others with a skewed vision of your eyes, so not only are you seeing poorly, but you are being seen poorly as well. If your eyes need a high degree of correction in order to see clearly, be sure to ask your trusted Lake Mead eyeglass store about high index lenses. This special type of plastic can be made at over half the thickness of standard lenses, while offering the same degree of correction for clear and comfortable vision.

Tired of worrying about your glasses on the field? Trade in your standard eyeglass lenses for the strongest ones on the market today, with polycarbonate lenses from your professional Lake Mead eyeglass store. Polycarbonate lenses are not only scratch resistant, but they also resist impact better than any other lens material, allowing these special lenses to actually protect your eyes from harm, all while giving you perfect vision. You can have your polycarbonate lenses coated with additional strengthening layers, as well polarized coatings and UV protectant to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays for the perfect pair of lenses for your uniquely active lifestyle.

To find the perfect fit for your eyes, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Lake Mead eyeglass store and ask how the latest in lens materials can work to give you safer and sharper vision. With high index lenses, those who suffer from severe vision problems can experience clearer vision with a lighter and more comfortable lens than ever before, while polycarbonate lenses can keep you safe, both on the job and on the trails. Our conveniently located offices of Michael Vathanasaynee, OD make it easier and more affordable than ever for you find the perfect lens to help you live your life as you like it.

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