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Many of us live day to day with vision impairments. Despite the abnormalities in the shapes of our eyes, we are still able to see accurately and comfortably with the help of prescription lenses, whether they are glasses or contact lenses. No matter what your choice of vision appliance happens to be, both methods require a bit of maintenance in order to make sure we see properly. Additionally, each option comes with features that help us see even better. Here at our Lake Mead optical store, our eye doctor Michael Vathanasaynee, OD can not only test your visual acuity but he can also offer you some of the many options available to both glasses and contacts.

Anti-Glare Lens Coatings Lake Mead

Anti-Glare Lens Coatings Lake Mead

Glasses are relatively simple devices that rest on the bridge of the nose, allowing us to see most things quite clearly. But the glass involved in prescription lenses is not entirely flawless. The lenses of our glasses frames are subject to wear and tear, can become scratched or smudged, and are often subject to issues of light reflection and glare. If you visit us here at our Lake Mead optical store, our eye doctor, Michael Vathanasaynee, OD can provide you with all of the lens options you need to counter these side-effects. Reflective coatings on lenses improve your vision as well as your appearance. Lights, especially at night, may create distracting glare which can be distracting while you are driving. It also means that your eyes are barely visible in photos due to the light in the room or area reflecting off of your frames, especially if the photographer is using the flash setting. Anti-scratch coating is just as useful. As we take our glasses on and off throughout the day, they are quite subject to wear and tear, including scratches on the glass. These scratches can create irritating lines that are noticeable in your line of vision while wearing your glasses and can be just as distracting as glare.

Don’t let glare or scratches get in the way of your vision and visit Michael Vathanasaynee OD at our Lake Mead optical store today. Have your visual acuity tested, find a pair of glasses that suit your style and get any of the eyeglass lens coatings that best suit your lifestyle.

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