Best Eye Doctor in North Las Vegas

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Best eye doctor in North Las Vegas

Best eye doctor in North Las Vegas

Both eyeglasses and contact lenses give you the benefit of corrected vision that allows you to see more sharply and clearly. And yet, there are pros and cons for both, and different exams done for each by our best eye doctor in North Las Vegas, Michael Vathanasaynee, O.D.

Eyeglasses require less daily maintenance. They don’t touch your eyes, so there is no threat of irritating, inflammation, or infection from them. And they give you the option of indulging your sense of style and fashion by selecting frames that speak to your individuality. On the other hand, contacts provide a more natural type of vision, and they give you completely unhindered peripheral (side-to-side) vision. For some, though, the most beneficial aspect of them is that they don’t change your facial appearance. No one else need know you’re wearing prescription lenses unless you decide to tell them. Which is the best for you? That is a personal decision based on your unique circumstances, but our best eye doctor in North Las Vegas will help you to make your choice. Everyone should have a comprehensive eye exam at our store once per year. It’s not only essential for making sure your eyeglasses or contacts are up-to-date, but it is also the best way to keep common eye diseases from causing damage to your eyes or having a negative effect on your eye health. A contact lens exam, though, goes further and more in depth than a standard eye exam. Our best eye doctor in North Las Vegas does a thorough testing of the parts of your eyes that touch the contacts. This includes your conjunctiva, corneas, and eyelids. The reason for doing this detailed exam is to make sure that you are not particularly prone to problems or difficulties when wearing contacts.

Your vision can only be helped by getting your needed eyeglasses or contacts. Why not schedule an eye exam at our best eye doctor in North Las Vegas right now to find out if you need a new or updated prescription?

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